About Us

About Geocent Labs

Geocent labs is a virtual organization within Geocent focused on developing a spirit of innovation through collaboration with smart peoplecoming up with big ideas and working on cool projects in a fast-paced free flowing environment.

Spirit of Innovation – At Geocent Labs we’re all about fostering a sprit of innovation. What does that mean? It means people who have great ideas having the freedom to explore those ideas and invent cool out-of-the-box solutions for difficult problems. It’s about the feeling that someone gets when they see their creations come to life. Its about being a part of something that bigger than just you, but is spawned by your ideas and your creativity.

Collaboration – Innovation is spawned through active collaboration. Through people getting together and sharing ideas and working on problems. Collaboration is a key aspect to Geocent Labs’ success, and we foster collaboration wherever possible. We allow people from different projects and areas within Geocent to come together and explore possibilities. To think up crazy ideas and share them with peers, and work through the challenges to make them reality. It’s all about the collaboration.

Smart People – Geocent Labs is a place for the best and brightest within Geocent to work together. It’s about what’s possible when really smart people are given the opportunity to work together and share ideas. It’s about getting smarter by working on hard problems and coming up with innovative solutions. It’s all about the people.

Big Ideas – We’ve all got big ideas. We all want to share those ideas. Geocent Labs is the place to do just that, and be able to actually work to make those ideas possible. It’s about a place where you don’t have to be afraid to talk about crazy ideas, they’re welcomed and fostered. It’s all about the ideas.

Cool Projects – We all want to work on cool projects. We all want to be able to build the next greatest thing. When you put together big ideas, smart people and foster collaboration in a spirit of innovation, cool projects will happen. It’ all about the cool projects.

Fast Paced Free Flowing Environment – Strict adherence to bad requirements is the best recipe to stifle innovation. At Geocent Labs we’re about thinking outside the box, coloring outside the lines, and creating what we know is right. Geocent Labs allows this to happen by setting our own requirements, and adhering to our own standards. It’s about not letting anything get in the way of getting stuff done. Its all about fast paced free flowing ideas and development.