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Effects of Concurrency Techniques and Algorithm Performance

Abstract Deployment of parallel architectures in computing systems is increasing. In this paper we study the performance effects of a variety of programming techniques and technologies that utilize these parallel architectures as applied to example algorithms. We demonstrate that algorithms,

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Saving money on development environments in the cloud

The typical development project buys dedicated IT resources whether they are in the cloud, hosting data center or bare metal stored in a closet to support testing and building their applications.  We have seen purchase in the numbers of hundreds

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Generating Taleo Web Service Client using Eclipse Juno

Here is the short Tutorial on how to create the Taleo Web Service APIs using Eclipse Juno. Creating the 2 WS clients needed access the Taleo WS API. Taleo uses Axis to generate their WSLD’s. This can be

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Taleo Web Services

During our migration to use Taleo for our recruiting system we discovered that Taleo used ISO state codes versus the ANSI ones that most people use.  We needed to cleanse our data in Taleo and decided to take advantage of

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Configure Nginx for SSL with DoD CAC Authentication on CentOS 6.3

The expansion of web presence within the Department of Defense (DoD) is requiring more systems to provide a web-based interface to system information and resources. While many technologies comprise the stack from system resources to end user the one component

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Geoserver 3-D Model Scene Exporter


As the capabilities of modern GIS systems increase so too does the demand for these GIS system to provide rich and flexible methods to interact with the data. A vital application of modern GIS data is its use within 3D

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Lightweight Ozone Map Widget


Ozone widgets are fast becoming one of the best mechanisms to enable rapid development of advanced capabilities to the war fighter.  This is because widgets provide succinct, specialized and focused capabilities that can be easily developed and deployed, then combined

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Geocent Intelligence Gathering System

Team: Paul Williams (sponsor), Keith Alphonso, Mark Thibodeaux, Bryan Joseph, Michael Boudreaux. Concept: Every day Geocent employees learn things about our customers and competitors during their normal process of doing business.  This information can be useful to us in that it provides

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CAC Enabled Mobile Security

Geocent has successfully developed a mechanism to pass and view application specific data through an Android Based Mobile Delivery platform through secure SSL connection via an approved DoD Common Access Card (CAC).  The technology leverages a Bluetooth CAC reader to

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Exosphere – Geocent Development Cloud

Exosphere Development Cloud

Exosphere is Geocent’s development cloud solution.  It was designed from the ground up from Open Source technologies to provide a solution for rapidly creating development environments that are standardized, optimized and configuration managed. Exosphere is based on widely known technologies

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