Generating Taleo Web Service Client using Eclipse Juno

Here is the short Tutorial on how to create the Taleo Web Service APIs using Eclipse Juno.

Creating the 2 WS clients needed access the Taleo WS API.

Taleo uses Axis to generate their WSLD’s. This can be seen by viewing the WSLD comments. We used Eclipse Juno to generate the WS Clients.

Create 2 new Java Projects

  • TaleoDispatcherClient
  • TaleoWebAPIClient
Generating Taleo Web Service APIs
Taleo Create Java Project
Taleo Web Client

Download the WSLD and save them into the root of their project

  • TaleoDispatcherClient/DispatcherAPI.wsdl
  • TaleoWebAPIClient/WebAPI.wsdl
Taleo WSDLs in eclipse
Next, right click the WSDL and select: Web Services –> Generate Client
  • Note: You must right click the WSLD file not the project
  • Note: If you do not see “Web Services” in your menu you may have to enable all capabilities: Preferences –> General –> Capabilities : “Enable All” : “OK
Drag the slider bar on the left up until you see “Assemble Client”.

Assemble Web Service Client


  • The WebAPI.wsdl will generate a lot more classes since the WSDL Types (Schema) are generated into Java Beans.  The DispatcherAPI.wsdl passes Strings so it does not generate any Schema Types.

Create a new source package called ‘test’ for each web service.

Create unit test source folder.



Select the ‘’ class, right click and create a new “JUnit Case”

  • Make sure to change the “source folder” to test
  • Check the ‘setUp()’ box
  • Check the ‘generate comments’ box because comments are good!
  • Click “Next”; NOT “FINISH”
  • If you are asked to add Junit 4 to the class path, click OK.
  • After clicking “Next” you should be able to select all Test Methods
Create a unit test using eclipse.
Create a new Unit test using Eclipse.


Select test methods for the JUnit test.
Create a JUnit 4 test case.

Instantiate the Server in the ‘test/TBEWebAPI.IWebAPITest.setUp()’

Instantiating Taleo Web Service JUnit test.

Instantiate the ‘test/IWebAPITest.testCreateTask()’ method

Creating a JUnit test for Taleo Web Service.


Run Junit Test:

Running tests against Taleo Web Service using Eclipse




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