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Don’t you just hate it when you show up to a disaster and everybody has their own map and nobody is sharing? It’s a real problem. Emergency responders use a special kind of map called a COP, a Common Operating Picture. When you’re watching a disaster movie, and you see the mayor and the fire chief and the General all conferring urgently over a map — you know, a map showing Godzilla over here, and some tanks there, and a SWAT team over yonder — that’s a COP. Trouble is, in real life, COPs rarely work like they do in the movies. In the real life, there’s several different commercially available COPs, and each prefers to speak its own proprietary flavor of data-speak, and they talk to others poorly or not at all. So everyone shows up to the disaster, and one guy’s got a map with Godzilla on it, and another guy’s got a map of some tanks, and the third person has a map with the SWAT team. And they can’t share. And so nobody can use their separate maps to effectively plan much of anything.

That’s the problem OpenCOP solves.  In recent years, from the babbling mish-mash of earlier-generation proprietary data formats, a new set of widely accepted platform-agnostic geospatial data standards has emerged: WMS, WFS, WCS, WPS, KML, etc. , developed primarily under the guidance of the Open Geospatial Consortium.  OpenCOP has taken those open standards and run with them.

  • Our OpenCOP server can slurp up pretty much any sort of geospatial data and broadcast it out to the world as a service, using the appropriate standard protocol.
  • And our OpenCOP web client can bring in and layer together data feeds from disparate sources, as long they’re talking proper standards-speak.

And the end result is that, while the other guys are all clinging to their data in their tools, we’re bringing it all together: Godzilla and the tanks and the SWAT team, all on the same map. Just like the movies.

OpenCOP is open-source and available on GitHub

For a live demo visit:

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