Tactical Decision Support System

With the advent of ever increasing sensors and data streams the warfighter is faced with a complex myriad of inputs from which decisions can be made for mission planning and decision support.  The “fog of war” has been changed to become the “glare of war” with an overload of relevant, semi-relevant and irrelevant information.  Geocent developed a system which can quickly process these data, apply the data to the decision at hand, and provide a fused informational picture to the warfighter.

Tactical Decision Support System Architecture

Tactical Decision Support System Architecture

Our approach to solving this problem involves the combination of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) techniques, intelligent agents, and fuzzy logic processing for the acquisition, processing, prioritizing and dissemination of data.  At the heart of the system are sensors and data streams which provide the raw inputs to the system.  A set of intelligent agents are used to capture this information and process it into a format which can be understood by the system.  These processed data streams are then integrated into the system via a set of Service Oriented Architecture components which facilitate communication and control throughout the system.  Finally, a set of fuzzy logic rules applies the information to the specific problem domain to determine the relevance to the decision at hand.  Fuzzy logic processing allows no only the type of data, but the actual data values to be evaluated to determine the relevance to the problem.  The result of this processing is a geospatial product which provides an “answer” to the question required for the decision making process.  This “answer” is in the form of a color-coded grid with red representing a “bad” response and “green” representing a good response and all of the colors between representing the level of good or bad.  The user can further drill-down through the decision tree to determine exactly why a particular area is good or bad based on the rules in the fuzzy logic.  If a particular variable was the primary driving force between a “good” or “bad” choice, that variable is highlighted and brought to the users’ attention.


Tactical Decision Support System Screen Shot

The result of this system is that decision makers can quickly identify the specific data that will drive the decisions at hand.  The most relevant data to the decision at hand is automatically brought into the forefront of the decision making process, making decisions fast and simple.  The warfighter is alleviated of the process of filtering massive amounts of data that, based on decision rules, have little impact on the decision at hand.


Fuzzy Logic Decision Making Documentation


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