Taleo Web Services

During our migration to use Taleo for our recruiting system we discovered that Taleo used ISO state codes versus the ANSI ones that most people use.  We needed to cleanse our data in Taleo and decided to take advantage of Taleo’s web service APIs to perform the cleansing.

There are plenty of sample code snippets here.  http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/fusion-apps/tcwsfp12a-userguide-enus-1648971.pdf.  However, we found that generating the web service clients with JAX-WS or AXIS2 was problematic.  All the information we found on the internet pointed to using Axis 1.  We used Eclipse to generate the Web Service Client APIs and created a Maven project to download the libraries needed since they are no longer available on the Apache web site.

If you want to start with the clients, you can find them in one of our Github repos here.

Sample Code and Web Service Clients

If you want to generate your own clients, you can do so by following the tutorial here.



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