Product Overview

Themis is a unique conference “Question and Answer” Web Application available on your mobile browser. Themis allows conference attendees to anonymously pose question to conference speakers through a moderator.

The moderator screen allows conference organizers to review and approve questions prior to being sent to speakers.

As the questions are being sent, the Speakers view the questions on their screen and can choose which questions to answer.

Themis has a mobile interface that works with iOs (iPhone) and Android devices.

Themis has a mobile interface that works with iOs (iPhone) and Android devices.


Technical Overview

Themis has been developed using some of the latest technology in dynamic web applications. Unlike most web applications in which the software is designed for one specific user interface and later “adapted to work” on mobile and other platforms, Themis has been design from the ground up as a set of RESTful services completely decoupled from any user interface. This has allowed our team not only to focus on building fast and efficient business services, but also to isolate and improve the various user interfaces that today’s growing list of platforms demands.

Some of the technologies that you would interact with as a Themis development engineer are:

  • DHTML / JavaScript
  • Ajax / JSON
  • jQuery / jQuery UI / jQuery Mobile
  • Java / J2EE
  • Spring (dependency injection / inversion of control)
  • Spring MVC
  • Tomcat
  • Git (source code management)
  • Maven (build / project control)
  • Hudson / Jenkins (continuous integration / “you broke the build notifier”)
  • jUnit / Mockito (unit and integration test development)


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